Manatee County Administrator


The County Administrator is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, and is responsible for carrying out the policies and directives of the Commission and for the development and management of the County's annual operating and capital improvement budgets.

The County Administrator is also responsible for the supervision and management of department directors, and for ensuring that all agreements, leases and other contractual obligations of the Commission are properly performed. The Board of County Commissioners may also direct the County Administrator and staff to complete special projects and assignments that do not fall within the established responsibilities of County Departments.

Manatee County Administrator Ed Hunzeker 

The Manatee Board of County Commissioners appointed Ed Hunzeker as the County Administrator in November 2006. Hunzeker brought to Manatee County a mantra of accountability, civility and ethics (ACE Philosophy), ushering in a more businesslike, customer-friendly county government. He values creative employees who aren’t afraid to take risks.

Manatee Board of County Commissioners hired Hunzeker as County Administrator for his solid background in finance and his strong vision for the future of Manatee County. Senior level staffers describe Hunzeker as “a dignified, polished manager” who is “extremely perceptive with an energetic, inspiring personality.”

Photo of Ed Hunzeker

Tenure at Manatee County

Ed Hunzeker’s tenure at Manatee County has been an unprecedented period of change for local government. During the peak years of Florida’s real estate boom, the County Commission and Hunzeker had the foresight to save heightened property tax revenues, rather than spend them on expanded government. Their frugal policy has helped Manatee County Government maintain public safety while avoiding massive service reductions to the public during the current economic slump.

On Hunzeker’s watch, Manatee County Planning and Building and Public Works departments have all adopted a more customer-friendly way of doing business, meaning better response time and less expense to the public.

Under the direction of the Board and Hunzeker, Manatee County has renewed its focus on economic development, business retention and job creation. In the fall of 2014, Hunzeker was recognized by the Bradenton Area Economic Development Corporation for his leadership in government and for spearheading Manatee County's emergence as an economic development powerhouse in the public sector.

Ed Hunzeker serves on the Board of Directors of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce and on the Board of Directors of the Bradenton Area Economic Development Corporation. He is a member of the Manatee County CEO Roundtable. Hunzeker is also a member of the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce and the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance.


Ed Hunzeker received both his Bachelor of Accounting and Master of Business Administration degrees from St. Louis University. In the 1970s Hunzeker served as Health Department Administrator at a St. Louis hospital. In the 1980s he was chief financial officer of a regional transportation authority in St. Louis and served as county auditor for St. Louis County.

In 1988 Hunzeker was hired as assistant county administrator of Hillsborough County, a position he held for 15 years. He served as Osceola County Administrator before being hired for the same position in Manatee in 2006. He is a member of the International City and County Management Association and the Florida City and County Management Association.

Hunzeker is married to Sharon. He has three adult sons and five grandchildren. He enjoys reading, travel and golf.