Permitting is responsible for completeness review of permit packages, processing of permit applications, routing to necessary departments, and permit issuance.

You must register with our new BADS Online Services system to apply for a permit. 

Our new Online Services portal allows you to:

  • remotely submit applications and payments for permitting, licensing, planning and zoning
  • search for permits and track your project’s progress from submittal through final approval from the convenience of your connected home/office computers or mobile devices

Each contractor will need to register and add agents/delegates under their license. Each agent will also need to set up their own account. We will not be accepting new authorized agent forms in office.

Permit applications can still be submitted in person at either of our two office locations

Some permit applications required additional documents to be uploaded. You can access our forms library by visiting our Online Services Resources page.

Contact Information

To submit Extension Request Forms and/or Sub Contractor Forms, upload the form to the permit record in Online Services and notify to process. Necessary forms can be obtained here.

Deanna Ward
Permitting Manager
(941) 748-4501, ext. 3842
Fax: (941) 742-5887

Stephanie Charles
Permitting Supervisor
(941) 748-4501, ext. 3805
Fax: (941) 742-5887

Geoffrey Silpa
Permitting Supervisor
Work: (941) 748-4501, ext. 3845
Fax: (941) 742-5887

Dana Winters
Permitting Supervisor
Work: (941) 748-4501, ext. 3828

Name Email Phone Ext
Lisa Howard (941) 748-4501 3875
Brenda Dillard (941) 748-4501 3848
Valerie Kennedy (941) 748-4501 3811
Cheryl Bagby (941) 748-4501 3839
Jennifer Haettich (941) 748-4501 3853
Louise Richert-Yoder (941) 748-4501 3846
Ruth Scherer (941) 748-4501 3878
Victor L. Boucher (941) 748-4501 3824
Maria Ramirez (941) 748-4501  3665
Raul DeJesus (941) 748-4501 3910
Jacquelyn Stitscak (941) 748-4501  3804
Stephenie Seger (941) 748-4501  3856
Melissa Raburn (941) 748-4501  3802