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The purpose of the Health Care Advisory Board is to evaluate, monitor and discuss the health care system in Manatee County, then make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners; review evidence based practices and programs determining how they can be applied to the County and perform other tasks as requested by the Board of County Commissioners.

Membership Requirements

The Board of County Commissioners appoints 13 individuals for three-year terms representing the following areas:

  • Health Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Substance Abuse Care
  • Social Services
  • Higher Education
  • Consumer(s) of Health Care
  • Business Representative Knowledgeable About Health Care
  • Practicing Physician

Those wishing to apply are required to be a resident of Manatee County and may not be:

  • an employee of any organization funded by Manatee County Government, or
  • a contractor for any organization funded by Manatee County Government, or
  • a Board of Directors member of any agency or company that receives funding from Manatee County Government.


Applicants for the Health Care Advisory Board must complete the application, including the supplemental questions on page five, and provide a current and comprehensive resume or curriculum vitae. All documents must be completed and submitted for the applicant to be considered for appointment. Download the application form on the Current Opportunities page.

For questions or additional information contact: Joshua Barnett, Health Care Services Manager, at (941) 749-3030.

Current Members

Name Category Term Expires
Barbara Schubert, MS
Social Services
Lori Dengler, MBA, MSN, ARNP, FNP-Secretary
Business 9/30/2019
Jane Pfeilsticker
Higher Education
Thomas Skoloda, PhD
Substance Abuse
Kirk Zeppi, LMHC
Mental Health
Cliff Feldman
Dr. Ibrahim Saad
Health Care 9/30/2020
 Jill Cherbow
 Business 9/30/2021
Business 9/30/2021
Daniel J. Austin, MA
Business 9/30/2020
JoOni J. Abnar, **
Consumer 9/30/2020
Bonnie H. Ramseur, **
Consumer 9/30/2020
James Nguyen, MD Practicing Physician 9/30/2019
   ** African American - Minimum one member required representing ethnic group

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