If you don’t think it’s possible for government and the private sector to work together, move quickly, and reduce costs, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service and we make it easy for you to open, relocate, or expand your business.  You may qualify for:

Rapid Response Services

Development-related information pertinent to zoning and building, transportation, utilities, infrastructure, health, and life safety considerations.

Businesses looking to expand or locate in Manatee County have access to a customized team of County professionals and community partners to research and evaluate potential property through Business Scoping.

New and existing business development is provided with an expedited review of all County-related services.  Potential customers contact the Economic Development Division prior to submittal of new development or business expansion plans to review project elements. Staff will establish a customized team for each project to provide expedited review.

An application is required detailing the project, capital investment and number of jobs created.

The company must create at least 5 quality jobs with wages at or above the current Manatee County average annual wage and provide significant capital investment in Manatee County.

The partners in the Rapid Response Team collaborate to establish a schedule for meeting the timeline requested by the customer for development projects. The schedule includes submission and approval of items required for all county permits; such as:

  • Concurrency
  • Preliminary Site Plan (PSP)
  • Rezone
  • Construction Plans
  • Final Site Plan (FSP)
  • Building Permits

Economic Development Incentive (EDI)

This incentive is available to qualified applicants creating new, high-wage job opportunities, and capital investment, either by expanding an existing business within the County or by bringing a new business to the County.  This incentive is customized per business based on the number of jobs created, the average annual wage and is paid based on performance over a five-year period.

Multi-Modal Transportation Impact Fee Incentive (MTIFI)

This incentive provides relief for the multi-modal impact fee to expanding, new, or relocating businesses that create at least five quality jobs at or above 115% of the Manatee County average annual wage. The jobs created must be those which are established by the Enterprise Florida, Qualified Targeted Industry Tax Refund Program or a local targeted industry. The amount of the incentive is based on the square footage of the construction, the use of the building, transportation impact fees assessed, the average annual wage of the company, and is paid when the company completes construction activities and applies for the Certificate of Occupancy.

Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemption (EDAVTE)

Tax Exemption (EDAVTE) may be available to qualified, new or existing businesses wishing to locate or expand in Manatee County.  Factors to be considered include:

  • Number of the new full-time positions created by business as a result of relocating or expanding in Manatee County.
  •   Average wage of the new employees of the business located in the County.
  • Amount of Capital Investment
  • Innovative Business Concepts
  • Commitment to local procurement
  • Net positive contribution to local economy


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