Proposed Stormwater Fee

Manatee County Commissioners are considering whether to implement a new stormwater fee. All Manatee County property owners in unincorporated areas would pay the fee as part of their annual property tax bill.

The stormwater fee would enhance the County’s Stormwater Program. The stormwater program helps reduce roadway flooding and improves our local water quality by maintaining public stormwater pipes, ponds and other structures that filter pollutants before stormwater reaches water bodies.

If approved, the stormwater fee would be on included on 2020 property tax bills, which are sent out in November 2020.

How will the fee improve the Stormwater Program?

The proposed stormwater fees will double the cleaning efforts for most of Manatee County's stormwater infrastructure. Option 2 would also include major capital improvements to the stormwater infrastructure to address flood-prone areas.

Task Current Maintenance Interval (Years) Enhanced Maintenance Interval with Proposed Fees (Years)
Canal Cleaning 14.9 7
Ditch Cleaning 20.7 10
Pond Spraying 1.2 1.2
Pipe Cleaning 17.3 6.5
Inlet Cleaning 9.4 4.5
Street Sweeping .2 .1

What would my fee be?

Manatee County has proposed two fee options.

  • Option 1 increases the efficiency of our stormwater system through more frequent maintenance.
  • Option 2 improves efficiency AND invests in new projects and improvements to the Countywide system to address areas that flood most frequently.

Both fees are based on the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) measurement for your property, which is based on the size of your home (including any out buildings on your property, such as a detached garage). The fee is based on the rate for 1 ERU. If your home is smaller than the average 1 ERU, your fee will be lower than the base fee. If your home is larger than the average ERU, your fee will be higher.

Enter your address below to find your total ERUs and the two possible annual fees proposed for your property.

NOTE: Property owners will pay the stormwater fee as part of their annual property tax bill. Renters should check with landlords or mobile home park managers on how the stormwater rate will impact your rent or lease fees.

*The County’s proposed stormwater fee only applies to residents of unincorporated Manatee County. Municipal residents should check in the city where you live to learn more about your city government’s stormwater fee.

Proposed Stormwater Fee Structure for Single-Family Residences

The proposed stormwater fee structure breaks residential properties into four levels based on Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs), which are determined by the size of your home.

ERUs Option 1 Option 2
.6 ERU
(0-2,462 sq ft)
(2,463-4,072 sq ft)
1.6 ERU
(4,073-6,000 sq ft)
2.9 ERU
(6,001+ sq ft)