Public Works

Manatee County Public Works Department provides many of the basic services that affect the daily lives of everyone who lives, works, and plays in unincorporated Manatee County. Primarily, the department is responsible for the administration, planning, engineering, maintenance, and construction management of the County’s infrastructure.

The responsibilities of the Public Works Department are distributed among three business centers: 


How can we help you?

For the maintenance issues listed below, call Manatee County Public Works at (941) 708-7497, or report an issue online:

  • Roads, Bridges & Sidewalks: potholes, pavement marking, paving, grading
  • Vegetation: tree/brush blocking view, tree removal, mowing
  • Traffic: signals, signs, speed tables, school flashers, street lights
  • Drainage & Stormwater: flooding, ditch cleaning, canals, roadside drains, curb & gutter, clogged inlets
  • Right-of-Ways: encroachments, roadside shoulder, litter

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Public Works Engineers

public works - engineers

February 16 - 22 is National Engineers Week.  Thank you to Public Works' engineers who are pioneers of progress by designing, constructing and maintaining our roads, bridges and other infrastructure to improve the safety and quality of our community!

Receiving an award


As an 18-year long Manatee County employee, working his way from Trainee to Superintendent, Nicholas de la Rosa has exuded these qualities. During this time, he has been nominated as “Technician of the Year” in both 2005 and 2015 by the FPTA, won first place at the 2010, 2015, 2016 Annual Triple Crown Bus Roadeos for the Maintenance Bus test and the 2005 Cummins Engine Module test, and has an ASE Certification for Master Transit Bus. On August 23, Director Chad Butzow, presented Nicholas with the ACE Coin.

Nicholas ensures the transit and para-transit fleets are serviced properly and ready for daily  transit service operations from start to finish, irrespective of the circumstances. He is recognized and respected around the state by fleet and transit professionals, for his public transit fleet knowledge and experience. In his role as Fleet Superintendent, he consistently leads by example and utilizes his know-how and technical experience to further the “team”, setting a great example for others to follow. Willingly mentoring new technicians and helping them develop and enhance their skill sets are traits where Nicholas demonstrates great leadership. He is a consummate professional who treats others with courtesy and respect, exuding a favorable, can-do attitude while supporting and facilitating the transit fleet teams.

Receiving an award


On September 16th, Transit Operations Superintendent, Kevin Sheerin, received recognition for completing the rigorous Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA) Leadership Development Program, which is designed to enhance leadership skills and problem-solving.  Kevin's Manatee County Government (MCG) service spans more than 20-years, including leadership positions both as Transit Operations Supervisor and since 2016, as Transit Operations Superintendent.

On September 20th, 2019, Public Works Director, Chad Butzow, presented Transit Operations Superintendent, Kevin Sheerin, with Manatee County's Accountability, Civility, and Ethics or ACE coin.  This honor is bestowed upon a select group of MCG employees who consistently exemplify Accountability, Civility and Ethics (ACE) in the performance of their duties.  During the award presentation, Chad commented that "Kevin is a consummate professional, valued friend, and trusted teammate."