Swim Lessons


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Swim lessons are offered at the following locations:

Level Descriptions

Parent/Child: For children ages 6 months to 3 years. This class is focused on helping your child to be comfortable in water, to prepare them to be ready to learn to swim.

Preschool: For children ages 3 to 5 years. Focus on water safety and comfort. Basic water skills such as floating, kicking, gliding to and from instructor, going underwater to get dive sticks and floats.

Youth Swim Levels Ages 6+ (Levels 1-6)

Level 1 & 2:  Beginner-introduction to water skills, helps participants feel comfortable in the water working on fundamental skills i.e. front float, back float, bobbing, treading basic crawl stroke, back stroke, and kicking water safety.

Level 3 & 4:  Intermediate-introduction to deeper water, focus on skill development i.e. rotary breathing, elementary backstroke, front crawl. Able to swim 50 yards (2 laps).  Develop confidence in previous learned skills and introduce new ones i.e. breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly, and back crawl.

Level 5 & 6:  Advanced-focus on stroke refinement, work on coordination in the water as well as earning safety skills.  Swimming and skill proficiency refine the strokes and focus on stroke efficiency.  Swim team style training is introduced through lap swimming and technique training.