Register as a Contractor


Contractors licensed through the State of Florida have the option of registering their state certified license with us to work in unincorporated Manatee County. We offer courtesy registration for the following:

  • Fence
  • Tents

Manatee County does not accept Reciprocity for Registered Contractors or locally licensed trades who hold local Competency Cards in other Jurisdictions except for Garage Door Installers.
Similarly, Manatee County does not offer Reciprocity for other Jurisdictions.

We offer the following local licenses:

  • Masonry
  • Concrete Garage Door Installer
  • Journeyman (Electrical and Plumbing)

Contractors that desire to work within unincorporated Manatee County have two (2) options to be set up as a qualifier. Please see links below for complete information and requirements:
Application for License by Examination - Concrete/Mason/Masonry/Garage Door
Application for license by Examination - Journeyman

Occupational Licenses

Unincorporated Manatee County does not have a "Local Business Tax Receipt" (previously known as "Occupational License"), nor do we anticipate a requirement for them in the near future. This is not to be confused with the construction contractor licensing, which is a requirement by the State of Florida (FSS, Chapter 489).

For additional information, please contact our office at 941 749-3047.

Contractor Licensing Contact Information

Deanna Ward Permitting Supervisor 941-749-3047 ext 3842
Cindi Blake Permitting Services Div Mgr 941-749-3047 ext 3800