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Manatee County Online Services allows you to do business with the Building and Development Services Department (BADS) without ever having to come to our offices.

Our Online Services Portal is available to everyone, including homeowners, permitting services, agents and contractors, allowing you to:

  • remotely submit applications and payments for permitting, licensing, planning and zoning.
  • track your project’s progress from submittal through final approval from the convenience of your connected home/office computers or mobile devices
  • submit Code Enforcement complaints

Please contact our offices if you require assistance.

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How do I create an Account in Online Services?

In order to submit a building, planning, or licensing application, you must be signed into Online Services. If you do not have an Online Services account, you can set up a free account by clicking on the "New Users: Register for an Account" link on the homepage. Note that you must provide a valid email address when registering your account.

You will first be prompted to accept our disclaimer before creating your account. Next, you will need to create a user name, add your email, and set up a password and security question.

Create a user account in Online Services

If you get a message that your user name already exists with another website, you may be already be registered with another agency using the same software. See the bottom of this section for further instructions if that is the case. Otherwise, click "Add New" to add your contact information.

You will need to decide if you are creating an Individual account for just your yourself or an Organization account on behalf of a business. Once contact information is added, click the Add Additional Contact Address button to add your address. There are three address types:

  • Mailing
  • Home
  • Business
Mailing address is required in all applications. Home address and business addresses may be required for some applications. By adding these addresses to your account, they can be auto-filled in any application that you create. If any of these addresses are the same, the address should still be individually added under each type in order to have it auto-fill in an application. 

Once you are done adding your address(es), click Save and Close and the address window will close and return to the Contact Information window. Click Continue, and then Continue Application, and you will be registered to use Online Services and able to log in.

"Entered email is already in use" error message

If you have an account registered with another jurisdiction using the Accela Software, and you use the same email address when you are trying to register a New Account with Manatee County Building and Development Online Services, you will receive an error message.

  1. Click on the blue here link in the error message by your email address
  2. This will open a new window allowing you to confirm your account with Manatee County
  3. Enter the email address and password of your existing account
  4. Add your contact information
  5. Click Continue Registration
  6. Enter the words or numbers in the box to confirm you are not a computer and click Continue Registration
  7. You are now registered with Manatee County

How do I search for a record in Online Services?

In maintaining compliance with changes to Florida Statute 119.071, we have recently removed the search bar from the home page of Online Services. Users may still use the Advanced Search feature. For additional instructions on this, please read below.

Looking for a record you created or are associated with:
  1. Once logged in, click My Records.
  2. Choose the type of record: Building, Planning or License.
  3. All of your records will appear in a table. Click the Record Number link to view the desired record.

Using advanced search to find a record:

In order to use the search functions in Online Services, you must first create a free account and log into your account. Once logged in, please follow the instructions below to search:

If you do not know the record number of the record you are attempting to view, hover over the "Advanced Search" link in the blue toolbar and click on "Lookup Property Information." This will allow you to search by address. 

If you do not know the address, hover over Advanced Search, then navigate your mouse to "Search Records/Applications." You can then select BuildingPlanningLicenses, or Complaint and Service Requests. You will then be able to search by Record Number, Record Type, and the date range of the record, as well as the address and parcel number.

If your record closed prior to 02/28/2018, before Online Services went live, you can look in Civic Data to review CSV files of all permits issued since 1991. Note that these files only include data. To request documents, please contact our Records department.

How do I pay fees in Online Services?

  1. Locate Record, and click Payments.
  2. Click Fees in dropdown menu.
  3. To open fees detail, click on blue Pay fees.
  4. Click Check Out button.
  5. Click second Check Out button.
  6. Complete Payment Information.
    Then click Submit Payment button at the bottom of the screen.

Shortcuts to paying fees

  • If fee(s) are in Cart, click blue Cart link to go to step #6 above.
  • Find record in My Records list, and click blue Pay Fees Due link in the Action column to go to step #5 above.

How do I upload a document in Online Services?

  1. Locate Record, and click Record Info.
  2. Click Attachments in dropdown menu.
  3. In the attachments screen, click on the Add button.
  4. Once the File Upload window opens, click Add.
  5. An Upload pop-up window will open, allowing you to select the files to upload.
  6. When all files are selected, click Open. You may choose one file at a time and click the Add button after each, or choose several files using the Control key.
  7. Once you click Open, the document(s) swill appear in the File Upload window. Click Continue button when all files have been selected.
  8. Enter the Type of document using the dropdown menu and input the description for each document (both are required). Then click the Save button.
  9. Document is uploaded and attached to record.

How do a Review a record's processing status?

  1. Locate Record, and click Record Info.
  2. Click Processing Status in dropdown menu
  3. Status of applications is listed showing all workflow steps, steps complete, steps in process and steps to complete.

Communicating with Manatee County

  • Applicant will receive an email from Online Services to acknowledge acceptance of application.


  • Applicant will receive email from Online Services when reviewer requests information. Access your account for details.
  • When information or documents are requested, attachment should be uploaded as “Revision Requested” or when corresponding, upload communication as “Correspondence”.


  • When all reviews are complete, applicant will receive email notification of any comments. Application Comments Report will be accessible online.
  • When information or documents are requested, attachment should be uploaded as “Revision Requested” or when corresponding, upload communication as “Response to Comments”

How do I link a Professional License to my account?

In order to view existing records in your Online Services account, you must link your Profession License to the account.

To link your license:

  1. Log in to your Online Services account and click on Account Management.
  2. In Account Management go to the License Information section.
  3. Click the Add a License button.
  4. Select your corresponding License Type from the dropdown menu and enter the License Number, including the Prefix, and click Find License..
  5. When your license information is returned, click Connect.

Manatee County Permitting Department will acknowledge the license in the system.

Once the connection is acknowledged, you will see your permit.

How do I assign a delegate (formerly agent)?

Assigning an in individual Delegate status

allows them to access to your account.

When you want other individuals to access, review and update your records (applications, permits, etc.) in your account, you can assign the individual or individuals as a Delegate to your account. Pre-Online Services, these individuals were called Agents.

This is often used by companies to keep all their projects in one account while allowing agents or employees to access their own account.

Delegate designation also allows all projects within one company to be assigned to one account.

Add a Delegate

To add a Delegate, the individual must already have an Online Services account.

  1. Go to Manage Your Account. From the homepage, click My Account or Account Management.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage Your Account page to the Delegates section.
  3. Click the Add a Delegate button.
  4. The Add a Delegate window will open.
  5. Add the Name and E-mail Address (for their Online Services Account). The email address is what links accounts.
  6. Select the permissions to allow view; create records; update, renew or amend records; manage inspections or documents and make payments for the delegate.
  7. Add a Personal Note for the email to the delegate. (Optional)
  8. Enter the words to prove you are not a computer, then click the Invite a Delegate button. An email will be sent to the Delegate.

An email will be sent to the individual you selected to be a delegate. This individual must go into their account and accept being a delegate.

Once the delegate accepts it will be noted in Manage Your Account under Delegates.

Edit or Remove a Delegate

You will be able to edit by clicking View Permission or remove the Delegate by clicking Remove in the Actions menu.


To better assist you, please see our contact information in order to reach the appropriate division of Building and Development Services.