Surplus Property

Property Acquisition maintains a list of County-owned property. When a property has been designated by County Departments as potential surplus, it is presented to the Board of County Commissioners.

Property with the potential to be surplus must be declared by the Board of County Commissioners as such, in accordance with Florida Statute 125.35 and County Ordinance 14-26.

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Parcel & Zoning Information

Surplus Property Disposition Process

The infographic below is an explanation of the steps taken to advertise and sell properties classified as surplus.

Image of the surplus workflow

Surplus Property Disposition Process

  1. Approved to surplus by County Commission
  2. Property advertised for sale with instruction for bidding
  3. Bids received with 5% of total bid included
  4. Recommended bidder will be notified, documents prepared and presented to BCC for approval
  5. Closing Scheduled, buyer pays balance, recording fees and documentary stamps