Get To Know M3

The Manatee Millennial Movement (M3) was created in January 2015. The purpose of our group is to provide millennials opportunities for empowerment, education, and the development of Manatee County. We strive to develop strong leaders who provide political and social engagement. M3 promotes change through open dialogue, educational programs, increased involvement, and serve as a voice for all citizens and millennials in Manatee County.


Our Members

Tania Anaya - Neighborhood Services
Chelsea Baker - Neighborhood Services
Ashley Burton - Human Resources
Mary Camp - Neighborhood Services
Ogden Clark - Neighborhood Services
Xavier Colon - Neighborhood Services
Tony Davidson – Property Management
Joel Freed - Utilities
Deidra Greene-Larkins - Redevelopment & Economic Opportunity
Chris Handy-Honeycutt - Neighborhood Services
Lea Harper – Property Management
Joshua Ingle – Public Safety
Kara Joshi – Public Works
Kelsey Kappler – County Administration
Torry Kauffman – Information Technology
Makayla Lindecamp – Neighborhood Services
Kurt Mattingly – Property Management
Jonah Mazzone – County Administration
Charles Meador Jr. - Property Management
Melissa Morgan - Clerk of the Court
Jamie Pelletier – Financial Management
Simone Peterson – Neighborhood Services
Kathryn Rohlwing – Clerk of the Court
Jeffrey Ryan – Redevelopment & Economic Opportunity
Jamie Schindewolf – Building & Development Services
Kalee Shaberts – Neighborhood Services
Kaitlyn Stelzer – County Administration
Rachael Taft - County Administration